Essex Art League Members

Allard, Bill
Allard, Rosalie
Babicz, Susan
Baker, Virginia
Bergeron, Kathleen
Bibeau, Joey
Bingham, Betty
Bissonnette, Ann
Boisvert, Gladys
Bonfigli, Nelly
Bonnichon, Jacques
Borah, Betty
Call, Jacquie
Chiu, Lucia
Clark, Laurel
Clark, Suzanne
Cowan, Marie
Cummings, Lynn
Davidson, Libby
Dewyea, Monique
Dole, Burgess
Donnelly, Gail
Dunn, Diana D.
Ely, Julia

Fisher, Adrienne
Glanville, Vaughn
Glaser, Caitlin
Halsted, Linda S.
Hart, Kathleen
Hunter, Eddy
Jackson, Michelle
Jacobus, Nancy
James, Marilyn
Kayser, Roger
Kennedy, Patrick
Kimball, Kimberly
Kimberly, Priscilla
Kunkel, Donna
Lang, Lynn
Larsen, Sheri
Llewellyn, Elizabeth
MacKenzie, Joan
Magie, Lynn
McFarlane, Evelyn
McGowan, Julie
McHenry, Stewart
Neroni, Jane

Nielsen, Louanne
Noel, Susan
Novak, Elena
Novak, Paul
Pacifici, Mary
Pati, Patricia
Prabhu, Suchetha
Richard, Gini
Russell, Dave
Sandberg, Jane
Saville, Hattie
Schonberg, Deborah
Schulte, June
Seaton, Carolyn
Serednicky, Jane
Stone, Joyce
Teachout, Nancy
Ugro, Valerie
Warren, Gail
Weeks, Don
Wilcox, Luci
Wilson, Trine


by Joan Smith (left) and Jane Sandberg (rt.)

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