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8/3/10 Board of Director's Minutes

Board of Directors, Essex Art League 7:00PM 8/3/10


Welcome- introductions
Thoughts from the president- Susan
Financial report- Diana
VP report and program update- Jane
Recognition of service
Fill vacancy- publicity director
Establish a "memorial fund" to be used for the education of league members ( monies from Carmella Bell, Kay Petrie, others)
Other business

Attendees:President Susan Noel, Vice President Jane Sandberg, Treasurer Diana Dunn, Director of Exhibits Monique Dewyea, Secretary Bill & Rosalie Allard

Director of Hospitality Rosemary Abele was unable to attend. The position of  Director of Publicity remains to be filled. The group agreed to waive notice of this meeting.

President Noel spoke about her ideas for the ccoming year. She will attempt to make the business portion of the meetings efficient  in order to maximize the opportunities for socialization.  There was some discussion of further attempts to welcome new or potential members.

The treasurer reported a bank balance of $1626. This includes the Memorial fund in honor of  Carmella Bell and Kay Petrie in the amount of $370.

Jane Sandberg reviewed the plans for the coming years speakers.

It is resolved that. during the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, which is to occur after the May meeting of the League, the board will consider whether any members should be recognized for their exemplary service to the League.
This motion passed unanimously.

This year we will so honor Betty Bingham and Libby Walker Davidson for their exemplary service with a $25 gift certificate from Artist’s Media and public recognition at the first meeting. This motion was also unanimous.

There was some discusswon of efforts to fill the post of Director of Publicity and several of the board members will be working to achieve this goal.

Respectfully submitted by Bill & Rosalie Allard



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