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2/23/12 Board of Director's Minutes

Director’s meeting, February 23, 2012

In attendance: Susan Noel, president, Diana Dunn, treasure, Monique Dewyea, director of exhibits, Rosemary Abele, director of hospitality, Julia Ely, secretary

Absent: Jane Sandberg, vice president

The meeting was called to order at 9:30. The board began addressing the following items:

Minutes from the last meeting were accepted as written. Short reports from board members followed:

Diana Dunn reported status quo .

In Jane’s absence, Susan reported that the spring evening program would be funded with $75 from the Memorial fund.

Rosemary noted that our supplies are adequate for now but that some will be added for the picnic and future trips. Also, she will check with Margaret Maffin to see if she will continue as her associate.

Monique will continue with Essex Town Office shows which will change every two months. The Old Mill Show will be in July (Monique will call to nail down definite dates).

Diana discussed the current health and future uses for our savings:

  • Our membership is currently high at 85-90 members, the dues having raised $1480.

  • Income and expenses seem to even out every year, leaving us with a $1800 buffer (all board members felt like a ‘buffer’ was necessary but felt spending part of it a good idea).

  • It takes about $1300 to manage the league for one year (with a $270 payment going to the church every September.

  • Diana’s personal research resulted in deciding not to purchase a projector—not only are they expensive, but the projectors themselves need a ‘home base’ and do not fare well being moved around.

  • Discussion regarding funding a trip received unanimous approval: the trip would be for club members only with funding up to $520 allowed ($220 from the Memorial Fund and $300 from EAL savings). Diana suggested raising dues if trips become popular. She also mentioned having found a site for carpooling for trips—behind Sear’s Automotive at the University Mall.

The Nonprofit Biennial Report form from the State of Vermont had been received by Susan. After discussion whether EAL should be paying the $15 fee (the wording of the form being unclear) it was decided that it probably was not necessary to pay because of our non-profit status.

Of great importance to all EAL members: Many of the board members will be stepping down, allowing new members to share leadership roles. We have benefitted so much by their participation which has kept EAL a vital, rewarding and warm organization. Those leaving:

Susan, president for 1 l/2 years who pared down EAL ‘business’ time to expand our time for socializing (not to mention the so many other things she did for EAL).

Jane, vice president, who was integral to bringing us wonderful demonstrations.

Diana, treasurer, who has been in office so long, she wasn’t sure when she started. She said that she will continue to be the ‘Webmaster’ (an important site for us—Diana reported receiving at least one inquiry a month on-line).

Membership dues were briefly discussed. The board felt $15 was reasonable but will bring it to vote next meeting.

Gifts to the libraries: Because gifts were not sent last year, it was decided that checks of $50 each (a larger amount than usual) would be sent to the Burnham and Brownell libraries. That way, they are able to purchase their choice with art books or DVD’s.

The importance of a greeter at the door before EAL meetings was discussed. The position is important to keep record of attending members, and to help with visitors and their orientation. Sticker name tags are provided for them and if they wish to join that day, they can helped with the arrangement. Monique volunteered for the position, I said I would be her backup.

Night programs: It was noted that attendance might increase if the wording in the advertisement is changed—the demonstration should not sound like an EAL meeting per se but state that it’s a guest speaker sponsored by EAL. This way, it doesn’t sound so exclusive.

It was noted that Claire Aimi had a written synopsis of what was entailed by becoming the Publicity officer, and that it might be helpful for other officers to do the same.

The idea of taking an art-related EAL trip has been well received by members, and the board thought that starting with the trip to the Shelburne Farms (which Lynn Lang is exploring for us), seemed like a good trial run for more complicated bus trips.

All EAL members have busy lives, but our group health is dependent on all of us participating in the EAL inner workings: it’s your time to run for a leadership role. Sign up to bring in a treat for a monthly meeting. You become the star for the day!

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Ely



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